I believe that every business, alongside every person has a unique story.

My job is to tell ‘that’ story through motivational and creative social media content. I believe in people that make things with their hands: entrepreneurs, vintage treasure hunters, fashionistas and all business owners. I believe in people that chase their dreams, I believe that everyone should make a living doing what they love.

As a five-year owner of an online vintage business, I have successfully built a niche following grassroots style: telling stories of my vintage products. Friends that owned small businesses as well saw my growth and reached out to me to help them create contents that would transition into sales. This is how Maven & Muse Media was born. I found stories and told them through motivational means, friends tagged along and their following and sales increased.

Located in Portland, Oregon, I enjoy fashion, following current trends, handmade items, vintage, healthy foods, coffee, and support any business whose owner has his heart and soul interweaved with it.