Does your meetup group or mastermind need a speaker? I enjoy hanging out with groups of people and chatting about the ever-changing world of social media. 


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My Four Most Requested Talks


Instagram for Business 101

The basics of navigating this highly social platform and exposing your business to the masses. In this talk, I speak about the basics of setting up your business Instagram account. How to post a photo, what exactly is a hashtag and how it helps your account, how to create a cohesive feel for your feed through editing apps and best general practices to make Instagram work for your business not against you.

The audience will walk away with a better understanding of the basics and how to use this platform and make it benefit their business. 

Instagram: How To Turn Your Followers Into Dollars 

In this talk, I speak about effective methods to get your followers to stop only double tapping your post and instead engage with you and visit your website.
The audience will walk away with tips and tricks for everyday habits to be implementing on their account that will not only help grow their following but also their income stream. 

Instagram: Telling Your Digital Story In Stories 

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Instagram stories? Do you wish that you could subscribe to those that you genuinely enjoy watching because the others overshare too many slides? In this talk we will discuss the ideal amount of stories slides that you should have on your account to prevent people from muting you. We will also consider useful information for you to story about as well as what types of slides to save on your highlight reel.
The audience will walk away with a better understanding of how to efficiently use this part of the platform as a marketing tool without becoming annoying to their following. 

Kickass Holiday Social Media  

I know what you’re thinking, I can hardly rock my regular time social media marketing campaign you think I can change it for the holiday season? Yes, yes I know that you can change your social media mindset for the holiday season because the holiday season is approximately six weeks where people want to be sold to. This talk is catered towards the e-commerce seller and the brick and mortar store. We will talk about your holiday marketing efforts on the big three, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The audience will leave with a plan of attack and a workbook for the holiday season and how to turn an even more prominent profit this time of year.

Offered July - September

Other topics I Am Available To Talk About

●  Discovering Who Your Ideal Client Is

●  Targeting & Reaching Your Ideal Client

● Instagram 

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