Pure Internet Domination

Did you know that 85% of people will leave your website immediately if it's too jumbled, hard to navigate or just plain doesn't look professional? That my friends give possible customers or clients a horrible first impression of you.

Recently I was looking for a new vet for T and clicked on and left 4 websites immediately because they were hard to navigate and just looked as if they have been thrown up to have something online.  I didn't call or go any further than the home page because, maybe I'm too judgmental but I feel like if you don't care what your online presence says about your business are you even passionate about your business or your work?

If your business doesn't have a website or has a landing page that says "Coming Soon" it sends the same message to your client or customer.  The message being, that you took the initiative to buy the domain but that you don't care enough to have created something.  I get it you might not know what you're doing, how to turn the "coming soon" into "here I am world".  We have a fantastic web design team ready to help you revamp or create a website get you on the path to internet domination.