How To Use Instagram Stories For Business




As a business owner, we all know that we should be using Instagram stories more to show off the behind scenes and real life of our brands. Are you struggling with WHAT to show in your stories? HOW often should you add to your stories? And WHY your business should be using Instagram stories? In this one hour workshop, we will discuss all of this and more. Instagram Stories For Business is geared towards, e-commerce sellers, brick and mortar stores, and service providers. You will leave with a link to the digital playbook of ideas to help your business succeed instead of getting skipped over on Instagram stories. 

This is an in-person workshop in Portland, but not to worry if you don't live in Portland I have a plan for you as well. Stay tuned. 

For more information and to register click HERE.

The Future Of Online Shopping

We’ve all done it, we’ve seen someone wearing or using something on Instagram that we just NEED to have in our lives.  We’ve tapped the photo to see where they got said awesome item, only to find that feed does not have the cool thing we need in our life now. We’ve even gone the extra mile to Google search said awesome item to find it sold out or only available in store.

Enter, Instagram shopping. Currently Instagram is testing out allowing people to shop directly from said Instagram post.  I work with people that run ecommerce websites and retail stores, when I shared this article with them they about lost it.  They asked how they can get that on their feed now, and were disappointed when I said that Instagram hand picked who was going to test this new endeavor before releasing it to the masses.

Image via   SocialMediaWeek.

If you are an ecommerce or retail site I suggest that you give this article a read just to see how the future of ecommerce is about to change. If you are a consumer get that credit card ready because all that cool stuff you see Instagram influencers post is about to be at your fingertips.