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5 Tips For A Money Making Instagram Bio


 Let's discuss your businesses Instagram Bio. Your bio is one of the first things that a potential client or buyer is going to see. They are either going to find your bio by clicking over from one of your rad photos that showed up in their feed or they are going to type what you do into the Instagram search bar and find you that way.

Wait you didn't know that people can find you by typing what you do into the Instagram search bar? Well, I'm here to tell you that they can. You know that bold line right below your profile picture which probably says your First and Last Name right now. That is called the header and it's totally searchable in the search bar. 




1. Header: Automatically Instagram will fill your header (name bar) in with whatever name you registered the account under. You should erase this immediately and instead write searchable keywords that describe your service, brand or product. This way you will show up when a potential client or customer begins a search of these words.  You have 30 characters to use in your header, make them count. 

2. Body: Tell your audience and ideal customer what you do right off the bat. Think of this space as your 20-second "elevator pitch" written in a sentence that you give at networking events. 

3. Personalize: You should have more than enough room and characters left to add one or two personal things about you after your "elevator pitch".  Include something personal about you like you love Target, an emoji of your favorite food or a pin of where you currently are. 

4. Call To Action: What do you want people to do next? Do you want them to click on your stories? Do you want them to click to download your e-course?  Whatever you want them to do you need to describe because...

5. Link: Whatever your call to action is this is the link to it. Promote your latest project, your opt-in offer, even just your website. This is the place you want new visitors to click and go down the rabbit hole of your business' world. 

The Instagram bio is the first thing I check out when I'm searching and find photos I like. Why? Because I'm nosy and want to see if I like all of their work and read a little about who they are. Instagram is a social network key is to make a good first impression and get some type of engagement started. Remember you only have 150 characters so make the most of it. Be clear, be strategic, be intentional. Your Instagram bio only has one purpose: tell your ideal client how YOUR brand can help THEM.